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Coach Holmgren “Didn’t Want” Jason Babin

30 Nov

With the Seahawks upcoming game against Philadelphia, Eagles defensive end Jason Babin explained on that he was treated badly by the Seahawks during his brief stint in Seattle in 2007. Babin noted that a disagreement between then G.M. Tim Ruskell and head coach Mike Holmgren affected his playing time and relationship with the organization. “It’s not easy going to a new place… and have your head coach tell you ‘Oh, I didn’t want you.'” says Babin, who signed a big contract with he Eagles in the offseason after establishing himself as a premier defensive end with the Tennessee Titans. Babin clearly still holds a grudge against the Seahawks and it will be up to Russell Okung to make sure Babin does not take his frustrations out on Tarvaris Jackson. Here is the link to the story:


  • I love when we play on national television because whichever channel is airing the game, at least a quarter of their total coverage during the week is dedicated to the Seahawks. NFL Network has aired more interviews, game highlights, and analysis of the Seahawks in the past 3 days than I have seen on ESPN this entire season.
  • The Thursday Night Football crew has arrived safely in Seattle. Tomorrow at the VMAC a production meeting will take place between the commentators and the team, while the set construction crew will set up the broadcast booth and on-field tents for the NFL Network broadcast.

Hot N’ Cold

28 Nov

This season has turned out to be like a Harvard math problem; no one I know can even begin to figure it out. We win games that we aren’t supposed to like the Giants and Ravens games and we lose the games that are definitely winnable like the Browns game and today’s loss to the Redskins. We went into this game 4-6 looking at three straight home games and an oppertunity to make a run at a wild-card berth. Now we are 4-7 and I am starting to think about the draft in April. A few notes and observations from today’s game:

1. Tarvaris Jackson may be the most disappointing player on this team. The Redskins are as rancid a dirty diaper and when you only throw for 144 yards you are not going to win the game. His decision-making in critical drives is beyond frustrating. We needed to go 80 yards with 1:06 left for a game winning touchdown and what is his first play of the drive? A one yard checkdown to Michael Robinson on the sideline. Those are the type of plays that get you nowhere. Listening to him talk to the press has been a pet peeve of mine all season but today it stood out like none other. In his three and a half minute press conference after the game, he used the phrase “breakdown in communication” or some variation of the sort at least a half-dozen times. Tarvaris, repeating the same thing after every question does two things. First, it proves you are not smart enough to think of a better answer to give, making the 12th man wonder if you’re not smart enough to handle the press how can you handle leading a team for an entire season, and second, no matter what you say the sting of this painful loss does not diminish to me.

2. Nobody is talking about the delay of game penalty on Washington in the first quarter. For those who don’t remember, the Redskins threw an incomplete pass on 3rd and 6 which would have brought up 4th down. However there was a delay of game penalty that backed the Redskins up five yards and they got a second chance on 3rd and 11. They converted and wound up scoring a touchdown on the drive. Wiping that touchdown away takes 7 points off the board for Washington. The Seahawks lost by 6.

3. I have never seen a more entertaining coin flip in my life. I feel bad for the Make-A-Wish foundation girl who got stuck in the middle of that ruckus.

4. The blue endzones didn’t bring back the winning magic of seasons past. Oh well, maybe they will on Thursday night!

5a. I am sick of all these penalties. 13 penalties today on the Seahawks (accepted and declined combined). This needs to stop because it’s starting to affect the outcome of the game.

5b. Going off of the penalties rant, Brandon Browner you need to read the NFL rule book on how to properly defend receivers because having the league lead in pass interference penalties is not going to win you any kind of award come seasons end. In fact, it may land you in the free agency pool in February.

6. According to Mike Sando of ESPN, the Seahawks are currently projected to pick 12th in the first round of the draft.  Here are some cornerback and quarterback options for our first pick:

  • Dre Kirkpatrick (Alabama CB)
  • Alfonso Dennard (Nebraska CB)
  • Janoris Jenkins (North Alabama CB)
  • Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M QB)
  • Kirk Cousins (Michigan State QB)

The Blue Endzones Are Back!

27 Nov

Because I went to the Apple Cup tonight, I got to see a preview of what the field is going to look like for the Seahawks game tomorrow. To my pleasant surprise, the Seahawks are bringing back the blue endzones. This is a detail that most fans don’t really notice or even care about but the fact of the matter is that when the Seahawks had blue endzones from 2002-2007, we went to the playoffs 5 times. Since the endzones have been green starting in 2008, our home record has not been as great. I look forward to see what kind of game we play tomorrow now that the original colored endzones are back!


21 Nov

Even though the Seahawks and Rams are not playing their best football this season it is always fun when they play each other. We hate them and they hate us. This is why today’s 24-7 win makes me smile even wider. We sacked Sam Bradford five times, forced two fumble and Red Bryant even had an interception. With a three game homestand upcoming, now is the perfect time to boost our record. Unfortunately with the 49ers sitting at 9-1 whatever run we go on will not be enough to get back to the playoffs. Great win and I can’t wait for Washington to get here for next Sunday’s game.

Competition Wednesday 11/16

17 Nov

I knew it was too good to be true. With an offensive line that has stayed healthy and has helped get the running game going, a big blow to the offense came today. Rookie right guard John Moffitt, who has already been lost for the rest of the season due to a torn MCL and PCL, is not the latest lineman to fall victim to an injury. Rookie right tackle James Carpenter hurt his knee in practice today and underwent an MRI after practice. The results will be revealed tomorrow but early words out of Seahawks camp tell me that the news on Carpenter is not good. Carpenter confirmed these notions when he updated his Facebook status after practice, stating “Well…. one of my worst days…. I’m tough so ill persevere.”

Two more days of practice until the team leaves for St. Louis on Saturday.

Day Off Tuesday 11/15

16 Nov

This season is a mystery so far. We are 3-6 but 2 of these wins are against playoff quality teams. Games like Sunday’s win over the Ravens gets me thinking that we can beat every team on our schedule but I know we won’t. With the 49ers continuing to win, their magic number gets smaller and the vision of a decent draft pick is more likely than a second straight return to the playoffs.

The play of our defense the past couple of weeks has really got me excited for the future. My friends and I are discussing the possibility of having a top 5 overall defense two or three years down the road. Our run defense led by Red, Brandon, and David is already looking fantastic and with Kam, Earl, and Richard all improving week in and week out, I am getting excited about thinking of our secondary once they gel and mature a little more.

Although he looked good on Sunday we need a better quarterback. Plain and simple, Tarvaris Jackson is not our quarterback of the future. After upgrading at quarterback with loads of talent at the skill positions with Marshawn, Sidney, Mike, and Zach, we will be a very dangerous unit in a couple of years as well.

Cowboys Stadium

12 Nov

I have never been inside of a building as big as Cowboys Stadium. When I arrived in Texas last friday I stepped out on my hotel balcony and I could see the stadium 15 miles away to the east. Cowboys Stadium is at least three times the size of CenturyLink Field. The concourses are sparkly clean and the seats are actually more comfortable than your typical stadium seat. The 60 yard wide video screen that hovers over the field is jaw dropping. At times it was very difficult to concentrate on the field when you’ve got a screen that big right in front of your face. My only criticism of Cowboys Stadium is the only beer they sell are aluminum pints of Miller Lite for $8.50 each. You would think that a franchise as well-known and honorable as the Dallas Cowboys could at least have some variety when it comes to the beer they sell. (MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT). Overall, I am very glad I made Dallas one of my road trips this year. I do not plan on being in Dallas anytime soon so at least I can now say I have been to the palace that is Cowboys Stadium.

Trip to Dallas: 11/6/11

9 Nov

Back From Dallas

9 Nov

Texas is a very interesting place. The beef is fantastic, the drunks outnumber those in Seattle, and they are all passionate about the Cowboys. Well, not ALL of them. Surprisingly a lot of people I encountered on my trip, whether at a bar, or at the Dallas Stars hockey game, or anywhere in public actually, dislike the Cowboys and/or dislike Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Their reasons for their dislikes all vary but the Cowboys fans I met are very passionate toward their team.

During my three-day trip I went to the Stars/Avalanche hockey game, visited the site of JFK’s assassination, toured Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, and went to the Seahawks game. Overall it was a fun weekend but for the 4th straight road trip I had to face the disappointment and the horrible feeling of sitting at the airport gate waiting to go home having just witnessed a loss.

I will post pictures very soon and go into more detail about the game experience itself, but for now we’re 2-6 and it’s time to get ready for the Baltimore Ravens who play the Seahawks at CenturyLink this Sunday.

Dallas Bound

4 Nov

In 15 minutes, I head to Sea-Tac to start my weekend long trip to Dallas. I don’t plan to be around a computer all weekend so I will post about my trip when I get back Sunday night/Monday morning.