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Back From Dallas

9 Nov

Texas is a very interesting place. The beef is fantastic, the drunks outnumber those in Seattle, and they are all passionate about the Cowboys. Well, not ALL of them. Surprisingly a lot of people I encountered on my trip, whether at a bar, or at the Dallas Stars hockey game, or anywhere in public actually, dislike the Cowboys and/or dislike Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Their reasons for their dislikes all vary but the Cowboys fans I met are very passionate toward their team.

During my three-day trip I went to the Stars/Avalanche hockey game, visited the site of JFK’s assassination, toured Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, and went to the Seahawks game. Overall it was a fun weekend but for the 4th straight road trip I had to face the disappointment and the horrible feeling of sitting at the airport gate waiting to go home having just witnessed a loss.

I will post pictures very soon and go into more detail about the game experience itself, but for now we’re 2-6 and it’s time to get ready for the Baltimore Ravens who play the Seahawks at CenturyLink this Sunday.