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Hot N’ Cold

28 Nov

This season has turned out to be like a Harvard math problem; no one I know can even begin to figure it out. We win games that we aren’t supposed to like the Giants and Ravens games and we lose the games that are definitely winnable like the Browns game and today’s loss to the Redskins. We went into this game 4-6 looking at three straight home games and an oppertunity to make a run at a wild-card berth. Now we are 4-7 and I am starting to think about the draft in April. A few notes and observations from today’s game:

1. Tarvaris Jackson may be the most disappointing player on this team. The Redskins are as rancid a dirty diaper and when you only throw for 144 yards you are not going to win the game. His decision-making in critical drives is beyond frustrating. We needed to go 80 yards with 1:06 left for a game winning touchdown and what is his first play of the drive? A one yard checkdown to Michael Robinson on the sideline. Those are the type of plays that get you nowhere. Listening to him talk to the press has been a pet peeve of mine all season but today it stood out like none other. In his three and a half minute press conference after the game, he used the phrase “breakdown in communication” or some variation of the sort at least a half-dozen times. Tarvaris, repeating the same thing after every question does two things. First, it proves you are not smart enough to think of a better answer to give, making the 12th man wonder if you’re not smart enough to handle the press how can you handle leading a team for an entire season, and second, no matter what you say the sting of this painful loss does not diminish to me.

2. Nobody is talking about the delay of game penalty on Washington in the first quarter. For those who don’t remember, the Redskins threw an incomplete pass on 3rd and 6 which would have brought up 4th down. However there was a delay of game penalty that backed the Redskins up five yards and they got a second chance on 3rd and 11. They converted and wound up scoring a touchdown on the drive. Wiping that touchdown away takes 7 points off the board for Washington. The Seahawks lost by 6.

3. I have never seen a more entertaining coin flip in my life. I feel bad for the Make-A-Wish foundation girl who got stuck in the middle of that ruckus.

4. The blue endzones didn’t bring back the winning magic of seasons past. Oh well, maybe they will on Thursday night!

5a. I am sick of all these penalties. 13 penalties today on the Seahawks (accepted and declined combined). This needs to stop because it’s starting to affect the outcome of the game.

5b. Going off of the penalties rant, Brandon Browner you need to read the NFL rule book on how to properly defend receivers because having the league lead in pass interference penalties is not going to win you any kind of award come seasons end. In fact, it may land you in the free agency pool in February.

6. According to Mike Sando of ESPN, the Seahawks are currently projected to pick 12th in the first round of the draft.  Here are some cornerback and quarterback options for our first pick:

  • Dre Kirkpatrick (Alabama CB)
  • Alfonso Dennard (Nebraska CB)
  • Janoris Jenkins (North Alabama CB)
  • Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M QB)
  • Kirk Cousins (Michigan State QB)