Back From Dallas

9 Nov

Texas is a very interesting place. The beef is fantastic, the drunks outnumber those in Seattle, and they are all passionate about the Cowboys. Well, not ALL of them. Surprisingly a lot of people I encountered on my trip, whether at a bar, or at the Dallas Stars hockey game, or anywhere in public actually, dislike the Cowboys and/or dislike Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Their reasons for their dislikes all vary but the Cowboys fans I met are very passionate toward their team.

During my three-day trip I went to the Stars/Avalanche hockey game, visited the site of JFK’s assassination, toured Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, and went to the Seahawks game. Overall it was a fun weekend but for the 4th straight road trip I had to face the disappointment and the horrible feeling of sitting at the airport gate waiting to go home having just witnessed a loss.

I will post pictures very soon and go into more detail about the game experience itself, but for now we’re 2-6 and it’s time to get ready for the Baltimore Ravens who play the Seahawks at CenturyLink this Sunday.


One Response to “Back From Dallas”

  1. Jeremy B. Cairns November 9, 2011 at 8:32 PM #

    The loss on Sunday and the record don’t bother me as much as seeing the Seahawks squander opportunities and not capitalize on turnovers. Dallas desperately wanted to lose the game. We showed them!

    Also, that hurry up offense doesn’t work if they don’t hurry up. As the play clock ticks down to one, it turns out they’re just not huddling and it comes out in their play. Hasselbeck was awesome at reading defenses and changing plays on the fly, Jackson…not-so-much.

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