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Day Off Tuesday 11/15

16 Nov

This season is a mystery so far. We are 3-6 but 2 of these wins are against playoff quality teams. Games like Sunday’s win over the Ravens gets me thinking that we can beat every team on our schedule but I know we won’t. With the 49ers continuing to win, their magic number gets smaller and the vision of a decent draft pick is more likely than a second straight return to the playoffs.

The play of our defense the past couple of weeks has really got me excited for the future. My friends and I are discussing the possibility of having a top 5 overall defense two or three years down the road. Our run defense led by Red, Brandon, and David is already looking fantastic and with Kam, Earl, and Richard all improving week in and week out, I am getting excited about thinking of our secondary once they gel and mature a little more.

Although he looked good on Sunday we need a better quarterback. Plain and simple, Tarvaris Jackson is not our quarterback of the future. After upgrading at quarterback with loads of talent at the skill positions with Marshawn, Sidney, Mike, and Zach, we will be a very dangerous unit in a couple of years as well.