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Cowboys Stadium

12 Nov

I have never been inside of a building as big as Cowboys Stadium. When I arrived in Texas last friday I stepped out on my hotel balcony and I could see the stadium 15 miles away to the east. Cowboys Stadium is at least three times the size of CenturyLink Field. The concourses are sparkly clean and the seats are actually more comfortable than your typical stadium seat. The 60 yard wide video screen that hovers over the field is jaw dropping. At times it was very difficult to concentrate on the field when you’ve got a screen that big right in front of your face. My only criticism of Cowboys Stadium is the only beer they sell are aluminum pints of Miller Lite for $8.50 each. You would think that a franchise as well-known and honorable as the Dallas Cowboys could at least have some variety when it comes to the beer they sell. (MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT). Overall, I am very glad I made Dallas one of my road trips this year. I do not plan on being in Dallas anytime soon so at least I can now say I have been to the palace that is Cowboys Stadium.