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Camp Notes 8/5: Scrimmage, Tez’s Number, And a Possible T.O. Sighting

5 Aug

Unfortunately, the Seahawks did not post the first half of today’s scrimmage on their website (or at least they hadn’t at 10:30 tonight) so unfortunately I did not get to see anything. What I can relay to you is some brief notes written on the Seahawks website about today’s full-squad scrimmage. Each quarterback got five drives and Tarvaris Jackson got the reps with the first team. The play of the day went to Marshawn Lynch who broke free for a 70-yard touchdown. According to KJR, rookie cornerback Jeremy Lane was ejected from practice by Coach Carroll for punching wide receiver Golden Tate during a scuffle.

Cortez Kennedy was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last night, and to be honest I teared up a little during parts of his speech. Tez was a great storyteller last night and made sure he told at least a couple anecdotes from his time growing up in Arkansas, to his time at the University of Miami, to his time with the Seahawks. He joked during in his speech that he was disappointed that Walter Jones had his number retired by the Seahawks before him but at least he could say he beat Walter to Canton. According to Clare Farnsworth of seahawks.com however, Tez may not have to wait long to have his #96 retired. According to Farnsworth, the Seahawks are planning to honor Kennedy by raiding his #96 to the rafters sometime during the 2012 season. I hope the Seahawks retire Tez’s number at halftime of the Seahawks home opener against Dallas. In 2010 when Jones had his number retired, I figured (and hoped) it would come in the season opener against San Francisco with a long ceremony. That was not the case as Walter had to resort to a brief 5-minute ceremony at the 2-minute warning of the Carolina game.  The 12th Man was not pleased with the rushed ceremony, as Big Walt deserved way better and they eventually invited him back to raise the 12th Man flag at the Wild-Card playoff game against New Orleans.  Two years later, the Seahawks have a chance to redeem themselves by having a well-planned, longer jersey retirement ceremony for Cortez Kennedy and I hope they are successful in making the 12th Man happy.

It was confirmed by Dave “Softy” Mahler of KJR tonight that Terrell Owens is en route to Seattle for a tryout with the Seahawks tomorrow. Let me be very clear. I DO NOT WANT TERRELL OWENS ON THIS FOOTBALL TEAM. Bringing T.O. in and giving him a workout or even signing him to a contract goes against everything we are trying to do. I believe we are firmly set at wide receiver and we do not need a cancerous egomaniac like Owens in this locker room. If Coach Carroll and John Schneider are smart, they will not offer a contract to this guy. I know one player will most likely not break this team but if there is such a person, don’t you think it is Terrell Owens? Just saying….

Tomorrow the players have an off day. I will follow-up on T.O.’s tryout with the Seahawks tomorrow. 6 days until the Tennessee preseason game everybody. Time to start getting excited!