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The Tickets Have Arrived

30 Jul


One of my favorite days of the summer is the day that my Seahawks season tickets are delivered. Today is that glorious day. Each year included with the season ticket package is some sort of gift. Over the past 6 years, I have received the following gifts (in no particular order):

A Seahawks drawstring backpack, A Seahawks license plate holder, a full size Seahawks 12th Man flag, A 12th Man car flag, A 12th Man flag blanket, and Seahawks playing cards.

This year’s gift is a Seahawks knit hat. As you can tell from the picture posted above, it is a navy blue hat with two feather stripes (One gray and one green) with “Seahawks” in white in-between the two stripes. The Seahawks season ticket holder patch is located on the forehead. The Seahawks logo is also located on the left ear while the number 12 is on the right ear. The hat is a tight fit on my head, but with short hair it should be no problem this winter. (I don’t plan on growing my afro out again anytime soon! haha).

Practice has ended for the day and I will have my notes on today’s practice session later tonight!