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Review: Seahawks 26, Bears 0

27 Sep
Photo Credit: Seahawks.com

Photo Credit: Seahawks.com

Call it whatever you want; a shutout, a goose egg, a 20 burger with cheese. However you want to put it the Seahawks came out and absolutely took care of business on Sunday, defeating the Chicago Bears 26-0. For the Seahawks it is our first shutout since December 2013 and our first victory of the 2015 season. The Bears fall to 0-3. As great as it was to see us get into the win column, there are still things we need to work on moving forward. Here is what I took out of Sunday’s win.

Defense Back on Track: With Kam Chancellor in the lineup and starting the Seahawks defense looked like a unit that picked up right where they left off LAST season. Forget the past two weeks, this absolutely looks like a reborn unit. The most impressive part may be that we could only sack Jimmy Clausen twice, not force a turnover, and still dominate defensively. The linebacker unit put on a clinic, combining for nearly 40 percent of our total tackles. K.J. Wright had a fantastic game in coverage, leading the Seahawks defense with 10 tackles. Chancellor’s presence intimidated the Chicago offense, as Clausen was extremely hesitant to throw down the middle of the field. It may be difficult to assess just how good this defense is or could be simply because the opposing offense we faced today was wretched. With this unit back on the field together, barring injury, I expect us to be competitive in every game for the rest of the season.

Lynch Exits Early, but Take a Deep Breath: Entering Sunday Marshawn Lynch was considered a game time decision as he nursed a calf injury he sustained in Green Bay last week. He did not start but did see the field later in the first quarter. Unfortunately Lynch’s performance was short lived. Lynch left the game with a hamstring injury and did not return to the game. Luckily this injury does not appear to be serious. All indications from head coach Pete Carroll following the game are that Lynch’s absence was precautionary and that he will be fine moving forward. It would greatly surprise me if he is not active for next week’s game against Detroit. In the meantime however what a game Thomas Rawls had in Lynch’s place. Rawls ran the ball 16 times for 104 yards, averaging a magnificent 6.5 yards per carry. This performance reaffirms the chance John Schneider took when he decided to part ways with both Robert Turbin and Christine Michael. It also shows the 12’s that Rawls’s wonderful preseason was no fluke. It looks like we have a reliable every-down running back on deck if Lynch is lost for any period of time later in the season.

“We Have a Great Weapon in Him”: These were the words from Pete Carroll when asked about the performance of Tyler Lockett. I agree with coach. After the team got off to a sluggish start, Lockett opened the second half with a bang, returning the second half kickoff 105 yards for a touchdown. Lockett now has both a punt return and a kickoff return through his first three professional games. Something else I loved was how we also used Lockett as a decoy. The Seahawks must have watched Utah slaughter Oregon Saturday night because they took a play right out of the Utes playbook. After the Bears second offensive series, Pat O’Donnell punted and the Seahawks were successful in drawing the entire Chicago special teams unit to where Lockett was on the left side. Meanwhile, Richard Sherman fielded the punt on the right side of the field and took it down the near sideline 64 yards to the Bears 19-yard line. There is no question Lockett is a game changer. I am excited to see how opponents prepare for his speed in future games because if you decide to kick it to him there will always be potential of him taking the kick back for a score.

Offensive Line Woes: Entering this game the Chicago Bears defense had yet to record a sack. It only took them two plays to get to Russell Wilson on Sunday. Defensive end Jarvis Jenkins and linebacker Pernell McPhee each recorded two sacks and the defense as a whole put constant pressure on Wilson leading to a large quantity of quarterback scrambles. Many of Wilson’s completions came after surrendering the pocket. The run blocking was greatly improved but I am still waiting for the Seahawks offensive line to play a complete game. It is still early and you can see this unit is gelling, but not fast enough for many fans liking.

Thoughts on Chicago: The Chicago Bears remind me of the Seahawks of about 10 years ago. They had a solid core group of players and in the meantime the Bears were a perennial playoff contender. As time went on those core players got older, got hurt, or both. The players Chicago has brought in via the draft and free agency are not up to the caliber of their predecessors, and the team has started to struggle greatly. The 2015 Chicago Bears may very well be the worst team in football. Not only will they finish last in the NFC North, they may struggle to win even 4 or 5 games. At this point it may not even surprise me to see the Bears wind up with the number one overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Random Thoughts: Nothing like terrible Irish coffee and Rainier at 9:30 in the morning. I was extremely disappointed with the Hawks Nest’s Irish coffee because all it was Jameson and terrible drip coffee. I was hoping for a little cream and sugar to go with it but you live and you learn… The Nest was packed and it was a lot of fun. Not sure if I’ll make it back for the next two home games, so the next time I step foot in there may be in November. Yikes!… Weather was perfect for a September afternoon. Hopefully it won’t rain for Monday Night Football next week… The defense was introduced this week and Kam Chancellor definitely got the loudest cheers. Kind of a shock to me, but I guess all of the 12’s are willing to forgive and forget… The halftime ceremony was awesome as the Seahawks honored former players to celebrate the franchise’s 40th anniversary season… In the same vein former wide receiver Darrell Jackson raised the 12 flag. The fireworks on top of the Toyota Fan Deck were a wonderful added touch, something that did not happen during the preseason. I bet that will look really cool in primetime and on national television.

What’s Next: The next installment of my #10for10 series will be published this upcoming Thursday. My preview of next week’s game against the Detroit Lions will be published next Sunday.

Our New Uniforms

4 Apr

Yesterday morning the Seahawks new uniforms were revealed as part of a Nike fashion show in Brooklyn, NY. Although a handful of teams made minor changes to their jerseys, the Seahawks were the only team to unveil a complete re-design. When they were first unveiled at 8am, my initial reaction was something along the lines of “what the hell is THAT??!!” My fear that the Seahawks would be the NFL equivalent of the Oregon Ducks unfortunately became a reality. As the day went on however, I started seeing several different angles of our uniforms and I started to warm up to the idea of wearing them and at this point, I am now a big fan of our new look. Here are my thoughts on our new uniforms:

Our navy blue home jersey was the jersey modeled in Brooklyn by Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. I am a big fan of the darker navy and with the navy pants along with the jersey, I think this will be the signature look of this team. I initially did not like the gray and lime green “wing” feature along the shoulders but the design is similar to the back of our new helmet logo, which slightly dips in the back to have a “V” type style. The only aspect that I am having a hard time liking is the numbering, as this shows the strongest similarities to Oregon.

The white road jersey is my favorite of our three jerseys. The wing pattern on the shoulders has no lime green and it is predominantly navy. Pairing this jersey with the white pants looks the best, as it keeps the history of our uniforms in tact over the past 10 years (blue with blue, white with white).

The gray jersey is very interesting to me. Of the pictures I have seen of this alternate jersey, it is a very light shade of gray. It is so light in fact, that initially I had a difficult time figuring out which jersey was white and which was gray when next to each other. Gray uniforms are very rare to see in football. I don’t think the NFL would allow the Seahawks to wear the gray tops and their opponent wear white; the colors are too close to each other. It is this point that interests me to see when the gray uniforms will be worn. The only times I could see us wearing the gray uniforms are on the road or at home in the beginning of the season; When the weather is hot the Seahawks could opt for the gray tops and force their opponent to wear their colored top.

A couple more notes…. I LOVE the new helmet. The darker shade of blue matched with the blue and gray striped bird looks very sharp, fresh, and even intimidating. The “Seattle” word mark on the bottom of the back of the helmet also looks really good, and the feather patterned stripe in the middle of the helmet also looks really good. Perhaps my favorite aspect of our new uniforms is the salute to the 12th Man. On each side of the neck and down each side of the pants are 12 feather trim marks. In addition, the number 12 is also sewn on the inside back collar of each jersey. Never before to my knowledge has a fan base been incorporated into a team’s uniforms.

I cannot wait for these to go on sale so I can get my hands on my “Hansman #12” jerseys!

Seahawks New Uniform Unveiling Coming Soon?

16 Feb

One of the most interesting stories that I have been keeping an eye on so far this offseason is the new Seahawks uniforms. I asked Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times in a Seahawks chat on Tuesday afternoon if he knew any information on our new uniforms and he said he did not.

Many people are predicting that the new uniforms will make their debut around the time of the draft in April, but after doing some research we may not have to wait much longer. I have not confirmed this, but according to the user “shicks” on seahawks.net says the unveiling of the new Seahawks uniforms will be on February 24th with the jerseys going on sale to the public one week later on March 1st. “Shicks” explains that a close relative works for Nike and that there will be a press release and jersey unveiling on this day.

If this turns out to be true I for one will be extremely excited. Here’s to hoping our new uniforms are not the NFL version of the ugly Oregon Ducks uniforms that have blinded audiences for the past decade.