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Minicamp Wrap-Up 6/13

13 Jun


This morning the Seahawks concluded their mandatory minicamp under partly cloudy skies. Here are some brief notes from today’s practice.

For the first time this offseason, defensive end Cliff Avril participated in team drills. Avril took about a dozen snaps with the first team defense and looked very good according to Coach Carroll. It was assumed that Avril would miss all of OTA’s and minicamp but would be back in time for training camp. His participation today tells me that his recovery is slightly ahead of schedule and his foot should not be a setback when the Seahawks open training camp next month.

Russell Wilson gave the Seahawks performance during this minicamp an A, however he stated that the team still has a bit of work to do in order to achieve an A+. The Seahawks and Wilson concluded practice today with a 4th quarter drill. They worked through a 15 minute mini-scrimmage which was a lot of fun to end camp with.

The Seahawks have not officially signed QB Tarvaris Jackson yet. Coach Carroll stated that he hopes something can be finalized very soon. Carroll also implied that Jackson would compete with Brady Quinn for the Seahawks backup quarterback job in training camp, so don’t expect to see Quinn released just yet. I still believe Jackson has the advantage to win the backup quarterback competition.

What’s Next?

The Seahawks will have about a five and a half week break before the start of training camp. Tentatively, the Seahawks will report to training camp and take physicals on July 25th and the first on-the-field practice of training camp will be on July 26th. The Seahawks first preseason game of the 2013 season will be on Thursday, August 8th against the San Diego Chargers in San Diego.

I will hop back on the blog if anything significant happens during the next few weeks so stay tuned! Thanks once again for reading. Go Seahawks!

Minicamp Wrap-Up 6/12

12 Jun


The Seahawks practiced for two hours this afternoon outside for the second consecutive day. Today I will focus on one on-the-field story and one big developing off-the-field story that is unnecessarily gaining a lot of attention around the league.

Today my focus is on the Seahawks secondary and the return of a potentially vital piece to our defense. Since being drafted in 2010, cornerback Walter Thurmond has played exceptional when he has been on the field; when he can stay healthy. Thurmond is hoping to bounce back to play his first full season with the Seahawks after injuries that have ended his past three seasons prematurely. Thurmond adds great depth to a position group that already includes starters Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, as well as nicker corner Antoine Winfield. These four players along with safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor give the Seahawks the secondary depth that no other unit in the NFL can challenge. If Thurmond can stay healthy but Sherman or Browner get hurt, the Seahawks are in very good hands.

Yesterday San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh commented on the Seahawks performance enhancing drugs situation. The national media hyped up his comments as “bashing” the Seahawks. I have an issue with the way the national media has portrayed this piece of news. All Harbaugh said was stuff that we all already know; that because of the collective bargaining agreement and the fact that the NFL cannot comment on what specific drugs players test positive for, the players can say whatever they want in an effort to potentially cover up the truth of their situations. Nothing Harbaugh said is what I consider to be “bashing” on us.

Today however, Jim Harbaugh came out with another statement that now gives Seahawks fans a reason to be upset. When asked once again about the Seahawks, Harbaugh was quoted as saying “if you’re cheating to win, you’re already losing.” As a fan I know that Coach Carroll and the rest of the Seahawks organization will take the high road and try to defuse this media-created situation. Personally I just cannot wait for the season to start so we can settle this on the field. The 49ers visit Seattle for the Seahawks home opener on Sunday night, September 15th.

The Seahawks will conclude their mandatory minicamp tomorrow afternoon before breaking for vacation before training camp. Check back tomorrow for one final minicamp wrap-up report. Go Seahawks!

Minicamp Wrap-Up 6/11

11 Jun


The Seahawks opened up their three day mandatory minicamp on Tuesday afternoon. The Seahawks practiced for two hours outdoors today. Here are some notes coming out of the VMAC today.

The shining star from today’s practice was wide receiver Doug Baldwin. From the highlights of practice, Baldwin was running very crisp routes and his timing with quarterback Russell Wilson was consistently in rhythm. Baldwin made two leaping catches that were very impressive, one coming on a curl route, and the other on a slant route. It will be important for Baldwin to impress during this minicamp. He is currently listed as the fourth wide receiver and although it is relatively unlikely, if Baldwin struggles he might be on the hot seat for a roster spot come training camp.

Today I read that Brady Quinn had a rough practice working with the second string offense. Quinn struggled on deep passes and his receivers did not help him too much, dropping a few passes. The biggest issue for Quinn was his overall accuracy. Some passes were either way ahead or slightly behind the intended receivers. Quinn definitely needs to improve because his job may be in serious jeopardy…

… The biggest piece of off-the-field news directly affects Brady Quinn. After the Buffalo Bills released quarterback Tarvaris Jackson yesterday, it was speculated that the Seahawks could have interest in bringing back their former quarterback to compete with Quinn and backup Russell Wilson. Tonight, those speculations became solid. ESPN’s John Clayton was the first to report that the Seahawks will bring Jackson in for a visit, most likely on Wednesday. Clayton was quoted as saying that he believes there is a “better than 50 percent” chance that the Seahawks will sign Jackson. Jackson has strong support from the locker room and I imagine would be welcomed back into the building with open arms.

I really like the possibility of bringing back Tarvaris Jackson to be our backup quarterback. He has worked with this offense for an entire season and there would be a complete understanding that Jackson is the backup and is not competing to be the starter. Going into the offseason, I expressed my desire for the Seahawks to bring in a backup quarterback will a similar skill set to Russell Wilson and could step in and mirror the offense in the event Wilson gets hurt. Jackson has the athletic ability to mirror the zone-read offensive package we have installed and is a big upgrade to Brady Quinn from an athletic perspective. I hope that by the end of minicamp Tarvaris Jackson is the Seahawks backup quarterback and Brady Quinn will be cut.

The Seahawks will practice for another two hours on Wednesday. I’ll be back on the blog tomorrow night for another minicamp wrap-up report. Thanks for reading!