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OTA Wrap-Up 6/4

4 Jun


The Seahawks spent another beautiful sunny day outside for OTA’s on Tuesday. The Seahawks practiced under the sun for just under two hours this afternoon. Here are a couple brief notes from today’s practice.

Yesterday I noted that defensive end Cliff Avril is sidelined for OTA’s because he is recovering from a foot injury. One other recovering player who is participating in our OTA practices is defensive tackle Michael Bennett. Bennett was revealed to have had a torn rotator cuff that was hurt prior to him signing with the Seahawks. Bennett has said that his shoulder is not having a negative impact on the field and it will be very important to keep him on the field. According to Josh Alper of profootballtalk.com, Bennett is in the process of learning three different defensive positions; weak-side linebacker and strong-side defensive tackle for first and second downs, and defensive tackle for third down.

Today a report was published stating that quarterback Russell Wilson broke both legs in a severe car accident. Just to make sure nobody took the bait, this story is 100 percent FALSE. Wilson is fine and was at practice this afternoon.

Check back tomorrow for another OTA Wrap-Up report!