Seahawks Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks

15 Jul


*This is part one of my 8-part Seahawks Training Camp preview series*

Current Quarterbacks on Roster (3): Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson, Brady Quinn

When it comes to the quarterbacks, training camp this season will be much different than a year ago. The reps will not be split three ways like they were last year, as Russell Wilson is the set-in-stone starter this season. Tarvaris Jackson will battle Brady Quinn for the backup quarterback job. This position battle will definitely be something to keep your eye on. When the Seahawks signed Jackson back on June 14th, I believed that Quinn would be the odd man out given Jackson’s deeper knowledge of the playbook and the potential former quarterback Jerrod Johnson showed the coaching staff during his tenure in OTA’s. Johnson was released instead and the Seahawks quarterback depth chart now features three guys with starting experience.

I expect to see Brady Quinn take snaps with the second unit for at least the first couple days of training camp. Although Tarvaris Jackson may have a better grasp of the playbook and the personnel, Quinn has been with the team for more of the offseason program than Jackson. Based on this, do not be surprised to see Coach Carroll give Quinn the first shot at the backup job.

One interesting thing to look out for is if the Seahawks bring in another quarterback during training camp. If the Seahawks bring in a fourth quarterback, it would make sense if either Quinn or Jackson does not make it to final roster cuts at the end of August. I would expect to see this happen in the middle of camp, especially if Quinn or Jackson struggle during the preseason.

Tomorrow (7/16) I will continue my Seahawks Training Camp preview with a look at the offensive lineman. Thanks for reading. Go Seahawks!

One Response to “Seahawks Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks”

  1. Zachariah Claybaugh July 15, 2013 at 2:52 PM #

    I think that with the speed with which they brought Jackson back after Buffalo released him that it is likely that they were not enamored with Quinn’s work as the primary backup. I’m really expecting Quinn to get his walking papers during or following camp.

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks keep only two quarterbacks going into the season.

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