Seahawks 2013 Schedule: The Good and the Bad

19 Apr

The Seahawks play the Carolina Panthers on Kickoff Weekend

The Seahawks 2013 regular season schedule was released Thursday night. The NFL scheduled the Seahawks in primetime four times and overall I like our schedule. The pros definitely out-weigh the cons. Here are some things I took out of the Seahawks 2013 schedule.


I correctly predicted the Seahawks primetime games at home. The Seahawks will face the defending NFC champion San Francisco 49ers in our home opener September 15th on Sunday Night Football. That game will surely be the biggest game in a very young season at that point. If the Seahawks can beat Carolina in week 1 and San Francisco loses to Green Bay in week 1, there is a very real possibility the Seahawks will have a two-game lead over the 49ers after the first two weeks of the season. The other primetime home game is against the New Orleans Saints December 2nd on Monday Night Football. If the Saints bounce back from a disappointing 2012 campaign, this game could have serious playoff implications which will be fun.

Last Season the Seahawks had three of their last four games at home; all against NFC West opponents. This year is a similar setup. The final two games of the 2013 season are at home against division rivals Arizona and St. Louis. No one knows how good these two teams will be next season but if 2013 plays our similarly to 2012, these two games could give the Seahawks a serious momentum boost heading into the NFL Playoffs.

The Seahawks drew a well spread out schedule. The Seahawks face only 3 playoff teams from last season in their first 8 games. Our matchups with the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts are our only road games against playoff qualifiers from last season in the first half of the season. The tougher road games such as Atlanta, San Francisco, and the New York Giants all take place when the teams have established themselves as contenders or pretenders. The toughest stretch comes in November and December when the Seahawks face the Atlanta Falcons on the road and the Minnesota Vikings at home before the bye week and then New Orleans, San Francisco on the road, and New York on the road in the three weeks following the bye.

I prefer a later bye than an earlier bye. My ideal bye week is week 9 so the season is split evenly. This year the Seahawks have latest bye week in team history (week 12). Hopefully we won’t be worn out too badly in the games right before the bye week.

The Seahawks will play primetime games on the road in consecutive weeks in October. The Seahawks head to the desert to face the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football in week 7 and then play the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football in week 8. The Seahawks will have 11 days to prepare for the Rams which will be nice. The Seahawks will play the Cardinals on a short week but Arizona does not offer up as big of a challenge as last season when the Seahawks had to play the 49ers on 4 days rest after playing the New England Patriots.


The Seahawks play 5 road games that start at 10:00am Pacific Time this season. These early kickoffs have been a problem for the Seahawks historically. The first 10:00am win the Seahawks earned last season was against Chicago in week 13. Since Pete Carroll took over as head coach of the Seahawks in 2010, the Seahawks are 4-9 (including playoffs) when kickoff is scheduled for 10:00am. These games are very hard to win especially since they are usually in the Eastern Time zone and if weather comes into play.

The biggest disadvantage I see is weeks 13 and 14. The Seahawks will play New Orleans on Monday Night Football and then face the San Francisco 49ers on the road once again on a short week. The Seahawks will have one less day to prepare than the 49ers do which could have an effect on the outcome of the game.


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