Camp Notes 8/16: The Last Day of Training Camp

16 Aug

Today the Seahawks held their final practice of training camp in front of friends and family of Seahawks players. The last day of camp is always close-knit with the players and coaches enjoying a post-practice barbecue with their families, a tradition that started years ago. As a fan with no press credentials, it is difficult to see what is happening in practice from here through the rest of the season but I will do my best to talk about what I see and what I hear.

When you get to the end of a stretch like training camp, it is always fun to see players having fun on and off the field, without letting the competitive mindset slip in any fashion. Some Seahawks players decided to have a little fun the other day and haze the rookies. Well, somewhat. According to Doug Baldwin’s Twitter and “TwitVids” that I have seen, the wide receivers had a little fun during team meetings. The veteran players made each rookie wide receiver stand on the stage in the main auditorium and one-by-one sing the fight song of their alma mater. I only saw a couple of songs, but the best I heard was Phil Bates singing the Ohio University fight song “stand up and cheer.” Bates won me and the rest of his audience over not because of his vocal talent but because of the effort and enthusiasm he put into the song. It was also refreshing to see a player know the words and tune to his own school’s fight song, because as a student at the University of Washington, I can say confidently that a lot of students, the people who are SUPPOSED to know the words of the fight song, do not.

Tomorrow the Seahawks fly to Denver, and will play the Broncos on Saturday night. Check back Friday Night/Saturday morning for me preview of the Seahawks matchup against Denver!


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