My Take on the T.O. Signing

6 Aug

Well, it’s official 12th Man. Whether you like it or not Terrell Owens is the newest member of the Seattle Seahawks. Owens signed a one-year, $925,000 contract this evening and will join the team at practice tomorrow morning. I have heard every single angle and opinion tonight ranging from television personalities, friends, and family members. I offer you now my thoughts and opinions on the signing of Terrell Owens.

THE GOOD: It is a one-year contract and Owens will be making the ten-year veteran minimum salary. According to multiple sources Owens ran a sub 4.5 40-yard-dash at his tryout this morning which impressed Seahawks brass. It is hard for me to believe a 38-year-old has been able to stay in as good of shape as Owens is and is as quick as he is. The Seahawks are in need of veteran wide receiver depth and if Owens impresses in the next couple weeks, we could be looking at a wide receiver lineup consisting of Sidney Rice and Terrell Owens on the outside, and Doug Baldwin in the slot. I would consider it a success if Owens can catch 40 balls for at least 400 yards and a minimum of 3 touchdowns.

THE BAD: Let me start with the obvious. The man has consistently proven to be a cancer. He flamed out in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Dallas all in spectacular fashion. Like I stated in my post last night, Owens is an egomaniac with the capabilities of ripping this team’s chemistry apart if things do not go his way. It is uncertain if there are any incentives written into his contract but imagine the following scenario. Owens can make an extra $500,000 if he catches 50 or more passes. What if through the first three or four games of the season Owens only has 10 catches and is whining about not getting the ball thrown his way, and maybe is even lobbying for a quarterback change? I know the Seahawks can cut him at any time and if this scenario plays out cutting Owens would be the most likely and reasonable option, but you are setting up a situation where this close-knit family is being ripped apart.

Owens made an appearance on Dr. Phil earlier this year where it was made public that Owens was broke, consistently failed to pay child support, and neglected spending time with his daughters. At this point in T.O.’s career and life I would expect he will take this money, shut up, and play football. He knows what could be at stake if he causes friction in the Seahawks locker room and with these personal struggles he would be wise to take the money and let his performance on the field speak for itself. Personally, I like the signing. Like I summed it up in a tweet to KJR’s Mitch Levy tonight, the best case scenario is T.O. will catch the passes thrown his way, score a few touchdowns, and keep his mouth shut. The worst case is we cut him. It’s simple as that. The Seahawks and Coach Carroll are taking a moderately sized gamble here. As I look into my crystal ball I do not see a T.O. flame out like in Philadelphia or Dallas but I will continue to be cautiously optimistic.

Having explained my stance on the Terrell Owens signing there is only one more thing to say. Get your popcorn ready, 12th Man.


3 Responses to “My Take on the T.O. Signing”

  1. DR August 7, 2012 at 6:10 AM #

    Drafted in 96 (2012-1996 = 6 years), making over the 6 year vet min

  2. Rod August 8, 2012 at 12:47 AM #

    I’m glad that he has been blessed with yet another opportunity to redeem himself. The man has skills, lets’s just hope that it works out for him and his family

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