Camp Notes 8/3: Offensive Line Expectations

3 Aug

There is not a whole lot to note after today’s practice. I was not able to attend practice and the live stream online was very spotty.

I did get to see group drills of the offensive lineman and today. While watching the offensive line practice, I started to think about how far along this group has come since Pete Carroll took over as head coach and the progress the line has made since Tom Cable came in before last season. A lot of people look at our offensive line from 2005 and hope that that is where the Seahawks can get back to. Between 2006 and 2010 the Seahawks offensive line lacked talent and continuity from a fan’s perspective. This was proven given the Seahawks pathetic running game during that period. After Marshawn Lynch’s breakthrough performance in the second half of last season, a lot of attention has been put back on the offensive live. I believe that Coach Carroll has brought in the guys that he wants to be anchoring the line and an emphasis on the zone blocking scheme and not the players themselves has been an interesting point in regards to the growth of this unit.

I do not believe the talent is the biggest issue with this group but the continuity will. Last year we lost three of our starting five offensive linemen to season-ending injuries. The players who took the starters spots stepped in and did a phenomenal job. This year, with a full offseason under their belts, I expect this healthy, talented offensive line to provide the time for the starting quarterback and the holes for Marshawn Lynch to be explosive. Explosive enough to lead this team to contending for the NFC West title. You cannot beat the 2005 Seahawks offensive line, and not unit has come close or will ever come close for a very long time, but we can definitely be successful with who we have on this roster right now. I am very much looking forward to how the offensive line plays this upcoming season, and what effect they will have on the overall improvement of our offense.

Tomorrow I will once again be watching practice from home. According to Tony Ventrella of the team will conduct tomorrow’s practice and will take place in a simulated game on Sunday.

Also: Be sure to check out my piece coming tomorrow afternoon on the hall of fame enshrinement of former Seahawks defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy. I can assure you, you will not want to miss it. See you guys tomorrow!


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