Marshawn’s Camp Ritual & a Couple Additional Notes from Yesterday

1 Aug

Today the Seahawks had a day off from practice. They will be back on the field tomorrow morning. I will be covering practice live once again tomorrow. A couple things I left out in my post yesterday about practice earlier in the day:

Kicker Steven Hauschka nailed consecutive field goals from 57 and 58 yards respectively. Breathe easy 12th Man, Hauschka proved he can still nail a long field goal in the event a game comes down to a kick at the end of the fourth quarter or overtime.

Early on in practice the offense ran a trick play. In the play breakdown, Tarvaris Jackson put Golden Tate in motion from right to left. Jackson snapped the ball and handed off to Tate on the sweep. Tate then launched a pass down the sideline to Antonio Bryant. It was not the smoothest execution but the pass was complete. If Coach Carroll is going to keep this play in the playbook, he may want to work on it a little more on the field, especially when the defense is lined up against the offense. Nevertheless, good to see at least one trick play has been installed in the 2012 playbook. We’ll see how long it takes before we see it attempted in a regular season game.

On Saturday, I mentioned that Marshawn Lynch was spotted riding a mountain bike down Seahawks Way leaving the facility with a couple of his teammates. After yesterday’s practice I saw Lynch once again riding his bike down Lake Washington Boulevard connecting to Seahawks Way towards the practice facility. This exercise leads me to believe that a quick bike ride after practice has become Marshawn’s training camp ritual. Personally, I find it both cool and amusing because Lynch has the personality that would lead a fan to believe he would ride a bike down the street in front of fans and media for both exercise and humorous purposes. Lynch is definitely the most likable player on this team and the funniest by far. Let’s just hope he can translate his biking speed into running speed on the field during the 2012 season.


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