Camp Notes 7/31: Advantage Flynn, A Surprising ‘hello,’ And An Adjusting Rookie

31 Jul

Day 4 of training camp is in the books. The Seahawks practiced under the sun for about 2 hours and 20 minutes this morning. Here are my notes on today’s practice.

The Seahawks were once again sporting shoulder pads and shorts. Slightly disappointing considering that the grand majority of NFL teams have already conducted at least one practice in full pads.

Tarvaris Jackson took the first-string snaps today but Matt Flynn had the best day of all 4 quarterbacks. One pass in particular, a 25-yard streak to Antonio Bryant was highly impressive because of Flynn’s pocket presence, his precision, and his confidence to put the ball in front of the receiver. Flynn was the only quarterback to lead his unit into the endzone during 11-on-11 drills in the middle of practice. Jackson and Russell Wilson both struggled to get into a groove today. Both would put together strings of two or three decent plays in a row but then falter. Wilson definitely was not as sharp today as in his previous practices. Wilson was picked off twice by defensive players with no offensive target in the general area, including an interception in the endzone by Bobby Wagner during 11-on-11. It is clear at this point that very few fans are pulling for Tarvaris Jackson to win the quarterback competition. I heard boos scattered among the estimated 1,000 people in attendance today.

Today I got a good look at the offensive lineman and the secondary. Paul McQuistan lined up at left guard today and Breno Giacomini lined up at right tackle. If this holds to be our starting offensive line, it will be interesting to see what role Deuce Lutui plays this season. The secondary player that looked the best to me today was cornerback Byron Maxwell. Maxwell picked off a Tarvaris Jackson pass in spectacular fashion along the sideline today.

The catch of the day went to newly signed wide receiver Braylon Edwards, who made a juggling catch on a ball along the sidelines. I wanted to see what Edwards was going to be able to do today and although it was the only pass I saw him catch today, it was surely noteworthy.

After practice I was surprised when Seahawks general manager John Schneider came up and introduced himself to me and a handful of other fans in the vicinity. Just for the record, he likes to be known as “John” and not “Mr. Schneider.” Needless to say, he is a very personable, down-to-earth person. I also got to catch up with rookie linebacker Bruce Irvin after practice. When I asked how his camp is going so far, he told me “it’s a lot different in college but I’m hangin’ on and learning a lot.” It was also nice to catch up with Max Unger who may be the friendliest and funniest person on this team. I couldn’t help but notice Unger was wearing a brace on his right arm. When I asked about it, he replied jokingly “it’s to keep my arm from hurting when I’m carrying around my money” (Unger signed a four-year, $24.935 million contract extension last week).

As a whole team, the Seahawks still have a lot of tuning up to do to be ready for the regular season. I’ll give them some slack though, as it is only day 4. Due to the requirements of the new collective bargaining agreement, each NFL team gets every fifth day of training camp off, thus the Seahawks do not have any practice tomorrow. I will be back at the VMAC on Thursday for what I hope (once again) is the Seahawks first full-pad practice of 2012.


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