Seahawks to release Trufant

7 Mar

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times is reporting at this hour that the Seahawks have released cornerback Marcus Trufant. An announcement is expected to come later in the day.

Trufant, a Washington State graduate, was drafted 11th overall in the 2003 NFL Draft. Trufant made both the Pro Bowl and the NFL All-Pro team in 2007, which was his best season. Trufant is the longest tenured Seahawk, and Leroy Hill is the only player remaining from our Super Bowl XL team of 2005.

Although Trufant was a steady player on the field, he made an even bigger impact on the Seattle community. The Marcus Trufant Family Foundation helps families all across the Seattle area.

I for one will truly miss Trufant. I got to meet Trufant at Applebees in 2007 and not only did he sign autographs and talk to me and my friends, we even invited him over to join us for a buffalo wing or two, to which he politely declined. Although this news is no surprise to me, the Seahawks will definitely miss him. Best of luck to Trufant in his future endeavors. My guess is that is career is not over and he will play for another team in 2012.

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