Leroy Hill Arrested….. Again

27 Feb

Sources have confirmed this afternoon that Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill was arrested in Georgia over the weekend for possession of marijuana. This is not the first time Hill has been in trouble with the law. Hill, as many Seahawks fans may recall, was also arrested in January 2009 after he was found passed out in the driver’s seat of his car while stopped at an intersection. Atlanta police found marijuana in Hill’s car at this time as well. Hill is slated to be a free agent this offseason.

I remember in an interview on KJR during last season’s training camp, Hill stated “I have a chip so big on my shoulder, you have no idea.” The Seahawks gave him another chance and he played well last season. I really thought his previous run-ins with the law as well as the very realistic possibility of not making a team would have changed Hill for good. I guess I was wrong. Hill once again is a free agent this year and in my opinion this is his third strike. I firmly believe he will not be back in a Seahawks uniform next season and I believe this unfortunate situation completely changes how we are going to shape our defense for next season. This affects our perspective on potential free agents and may change the direction that we go in round one of the draft.

Leroy, I think you are a really good football player but your lack of good judgement has frustrated me numerous times because I know you are smarter than this. A lot of general managers are going to look at you as an off-the-field cancer and because of this I think there is a good chance you may have played your last game in the NFL. You only have yourself to blame for these reoccurring problems and if you see yourself playing in the NFL again, you need to grow up and stop getting yourself into these situations.


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