The 12th Pick

24 Feb

I kind of knew this was going to happen. The NFL conducted the coin flip between us and Kansas City this morning for the 11th and 12th picks in this year’s draft and we lost the flip, meaning we will pick 12th. It seems kind of fitting though. Even though the records and strength of schedule were the same, I feel we had a better season than Kansas City so they deserve the right to pick before us. Also, the Seahawks have been built around the 12th man, so to have the 12th pick seems kind of ironic.

Some may wonder if there is any significant difference in picking one spot after we could have. Multiple Kansas City Chiefs fan sites report they are in need of an Offensive Tackle or a Nose Tackle. Since the Seahawks most likely will not pick an OT or NT in round one, I do not see having Kansas City pick the guy we want to be a problem. Because we are looking for different positional needs, the coin flip may not matter. The only way I can see this coin flip hurting us is if we are looking to trade up. The difference in one pick could play a significant role in the other pieces of a potential trade. Even though we pick one spot after we could have, the 12th pick is simply not as good of a spot as number 11, so if we were looking to trade up, not having that 11th pick could cost us an additional pick in the late rounds, or even a player that may not exactly play a significant role but a player we may not need to trade if we had got the 11th pick. Not saying this would happen, but the possibility always exists.

NOTE: In multiple interviews with various reporters yesterday at the Combine, Seahawks GM John Schneider noted that Marshawn Lynch WILL BE BACK next season, regardless of whether Lynch gets a multi-year contract completed or if he receives the franchise tag.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: My preliminary plan is to watch as much Combine coverage this weekend as I can and be blogging simultaneously. Stay tuned this weekend for observations during these player workouts!


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