My Valentine: The Seahawks

15 Feb

Last year I got my heart broken mere weeks before valentine’s day and this year I was too big of a wuss to ask my potential valentine to go out today so the streak of years of me without a “true” valentine is at 22. I’m 22-years-old….

Having said this, my love for the Seahawks always gets me through this day; valentine’s day, singles awareness day, treat yo self day, whatever you want to call it.

My love for football could not be greater. There is nothing like cheering for a team when there is a possibility of wins, playoffs, and championships. It’s almost too hard to describe as I am finding out I am at a loss for words. But here is my best try of summing it up:

There is nothing like a Seahawks gameday. Getting to the bar at 9am to watch pregame and drink with your fellow Seahawks family. Possibly going into CenturyLink Field right when the gates open to watch pregame warm-ups from as close to field level as you can get. Maybe even having a quick conversation with a player or two. Jokingly trash talking fans of other teams while enjoying a drink.

It’s about having a game in mid-December that matters. It’s about celebrating with random people who sit all around you. It about the heart pounding when I see 67,000 white rally towels waving. It’s about the goosebumps I feel when “Bittersweet Symphony” comes on the PA right before the Seahawks run out of the tunnel. It’s about hearing PA announcer Randy Rowland welcome the crowd to “CenturyLink Field.” It’s about the beautiful shooting fireworks during player introductions. It’s about the sight of seeing the 12th man flag being raised week in and week out. It’s about believing that if I scream loud enough, the opposing team’s offense will false start. It’s about watching a victory and being able to carry a smile on my face all week.

There are few things that compare to the environment on Seahawks Sunday. This is why I love this team. Relationships come and go but the Seahawks are forever.



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