Eagles Review

4 Dec

The Seahawks victory over Philadelphia on Thursday night was by far the most fun game of the season so far. Because it was a night kickoff, it gave me and my friends lots of time to drink and hang out before the game. It was also the first time we played a game during the week since November 12th, 2007 when we shut out the 49ers on Monday Night Football. I got into the stadium a little later than I was hoping so I didn’t get the chance to go down to the NFL Network tent in the corner of the endzone to see if I could bug the crew for a picture or autograph. I had to settle for watching the taped broadcast once I got home.

The friend I took to the game is a die-hard Eagles fan. He was probably the reason why the experience in my area was so  much fun, as they were heckling him the entire game. The guys behind us lost a bet so they bought us both a beer and the guy next to us even snuck in a fifth of vodka (to which I politely declined a swig). In the third quarter, the other friends we drank with came up to sit with us and they had a blast. One of them had never gone to a Seahawks game before and she said “this is the most ridiculous atmosphere I have even been a part of.”

As far as the game goes, it was as good as I could have scripted it. Two Marshawn Lynch touchdowns and the Pick Six by David Hawthorne in the fourth quarter were the biggest highlights. We completely dominated Philadelphia and with the win, we sit at 5-7. We ended the playoff dreams of the Eagles while holding on to our own by a thread. Here are my game thoughts:

1. Skittles are my new favorite candy. I knew about the bag Marshawn eats after each score dating back to last year. NFL Network showed him eating his skittles and the popularity of the tasty fruit candy has skyrocketed. Skittles is even giving Lynch a two-year supply and a personalized dispenser for his locker.

2. Night games continue to blow my mind. There’s something about the dark that really makes a person scream louder. I’m glad our next game is a Monday Night game.

3. I don’t know exactly who to blame for the 12th Man flag fiasco. The Eagles kicked off before the flag was even raised, which didn’t let the crowd get extra hyphy before kickoff, and causing Golden Tate to be late to the huddle for the first play, resulting in a 5-yard illegal shift penalty. Possible groups at fault: The NFL Network, the officials, and the Seahawks.

4. Great game by Tarvaris Jackson. He only threw 16 times but the key was that he didn’t turn the ball over. I applaud him for his performance.

5. Only five penalties for 30 yards. It’s about time we get it together.

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